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Discussion in 'Google' started by Henry W, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Henry W Guest

    Henry W
    so i was transferring something from my friend through google talk and its 700mb and it took only half an hour to tranfer.
    then i turned around and sent the exact same file to my cousin and its taking about 3 hours. what is it thats causing this differencel
    i heard downlaoding other files like limewire could cause this but she closed all her other downloads
    also shes using vista and im using xp.
    could that be the cause of why its taking so long? if not what could be ??
  2. fretless Guest

    This can be caused by a number of reasons:
    a) Providers. If you want something to be transfered fast, then the sender AND the receiver must have an adequate internet connection and a problem free line. Sometimes in your providers' rush hour you might have a problem.

    b) Computers. What connection do you use? Is it ethernet or wireless? Wireless can be slow sometimes. Also ethernet cards vary in capacity.

    c) Viruses. Some exploits 'eat' your bandwidth. This means that they use your speed in order to spread all over.

    So assuming you don't have any problem (except from the scenario where you exchange files during rush hours), your cousin should check with her provider and her connection type. A virus scan would also be useful.
  3. Helen M Guest

    Helen M
    individual PC specs will also have an impact of the reduced performence..
    Even if you sent the same 700mb file again, it may take longer than half n hour or quicker due to many reasons..
    The main thing is they got it;)

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