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Discussion in 'Google' started by blahh, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. blahh Guest

    i find it funny im asking about google on yahoo! but google video, has it taken an anti-piracy license thingy? like i want to watch full episodes of South Park and watch movies like full movies and full episodes but all the full ones say Sorry this video is currently not available. GRRR its so annoying anyone no any site with the full episode of south park Make Love, Not Warfare its the episode about WoW i want it for my iPod please help =(
  2. D.O... Guest

    Google can get sued if they let you watch full episodes, an I doubt they wan't that. You can either download them on the web, which is illegal or pay for them.
  3. Jasper M Guest

    Jasper M
    Why not just watch the new episodes of south park on the comedy central network?

    If you have dvr option from your cable provider just set in the settings where you can record it so you can watch it later.

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