Has Yahoo disabled posting URLs within SEO section answers?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by Ralph M, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Ralph M Guest

    Ralph M
    I wanted to post link to this blog entry
    "How to Use Search Engines & Web Data to Conduct Competitive Brand Analysis"
    I think we no longer have the opportunity to add links to our fully loaded with adwords websites. Amen
    Is it true? Try to post a link, plz.
    adsense not adwords
    it is not only here. It is all over yahoo answers. No more links. Hope it is just a glitch.
  2. I am not sure
  3. imisidro Guest

    Your link is live when in the answer mode, but not in the normal viewing mode


    Well, maybe they disabled all links because even a link to their YA homepage is not working
  4. AS_mail Guest

    I just noticed the same thing. What's interesting is that my links showed up when I was responding as functional (and your link is showing up on this page, 'What is your answer')

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