Have you ever pretended to be a restauraunt reviewer in order to get...

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by drbob2k7, May 9, 2008.

  1. drbob2k7 Guest

    ...freebies from restauraunts? Have you ever done tis to get freebies or special treatment ? and has this worked ?
    All good points but you know what it can be like with chancers.
  2. jet-set Guest

    The whole idea of restaurant reviews is that the reviewer remains anonymous.
    Any restaurateur worth his salt would see through a 'pretender' and probably give c*** service!
  3. yes and it dose help
  4. lcymama Guest

    Hey that sounds funny. I bet you could also say you are doing a report for the collage news paper so students could learn more about the restaurants in the area. But a restaurant reviewer that is funny.
  5. big city Guest

    big city
    No. But I did pretend to be investigating a story for a newspaper on car dealerships so I would not get jacked by the salesmen.
  6. Bill C Guest

    Bill C
    Most of them know the people that write the review.
  7. sbtravelgirl Guest

    No I have not! I probably wouldn't work! They would probably ask for your ID

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