Help, yahoo publisher account, I have tried and tried, Never responds back.?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by kevins, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. kevins Guest

    I get around 200,000 visits per month to my websites. I am ready to advertise using Yahoo`s system. They never respond back....I need some help here
  2. imisidro Guest

    YPN is still in beta (has been since 2005) and is available only to US publishers whose main traffic comes from the US.

    They don't readily accept websites, and I know of some who heard from YPN 6 months after sending in their application. Unlike Google Adsense which is more like a free-for-all program, YPN is very selective -- and just because your site gets 200,000 visits per month is not a guarantee that they will accept your site. They look at the quality of its content, the availability of advertisers in your field, and a host of other factors.

    Wait for YPN to come out of beta, and they may be more responsive and quicker to accept new applicants

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