Hi, How do you lower conversions costs on pay per click campaigns?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Nini, May 9, 2008.

  1. Nini Guest

    I've reduced my max bids without affecting my ad position or CTR too much and I have removed keywords that produce little or no conversions. I am quite happy with my CTR and conversion rate, but my conversion costs are still a lot higher than I would like... any ideas please??? Thank You!
  2. scott.braden Guest

    Are you split-testing alternate landing pages to see which works better?

    Or if you are a little more sophisticaed, are you Taguchi testing?

    Have you talked in person to any of your customers to find out about how they found you, their initial impressions, their reluctance, what made them finally buy?

    Are you using exit pop-up surveys to find out why people don't buy?

    Are you capturing opt-ins of non buyers so you can follow up and build a relationship?
  3. Emotions Guest

    Looks like you have to improve %age of conversions. Conversions dont happen due to many reasons: poor landing page, product value not fully explained, no call for action on the landing page etc.

    You need to work on your product and your website to increase conversions. Many times, offline marketing or WOM also positively impacts your online conversions so work on creating a good buzz...
  4. Joe D Guest

    Joe D
    It sounds like you have a solid understanding of how to tweak a campaign for best results. Keep it up, as it is an ongoing process.

    I would take a close look at your keyword ad and the page it is linked to. Is everything consistent? When someone winds up on your landing page, is it clear what you want them to do next? Is it simple? Is there a strong offer?
  5. Robert H Guest

    Robert H
    have you tried looking at your landing page. I use the following site when designing new landing pages http://www.socialpatterns.com/search-engine-marketing/11-ways-to-improve-landing-pages/ I'm in no way affiliated with this site, just saved it in my favs.

    Hope this helps

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