Hi,recently purchased 3 domain name from yahoo domains.I wanted to

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  1. transfer these domains to my existing site, when I went to transfer domains to my web site ,I couldnt get things to transfer.Basically said -no can do.Italked to someone from help dept. over the phone.I could not understand what the person was saying.but it sounded like he told me to cancel my plan with yahoo and the domain names would be back on the market very soon.Its been approx. 2 weeks and data bases still say sorry not available.When will they be back on line for purchase. gamestersedge.com
    please give me some sort of an answer on when and msybe why?
  2. Prakash Guest

    Try the links in http://www.hot8sites.com/domain/
  3. scubadvr Guest

    Did you cancel them out of Yahoo? You should ask them when they will release them. I think they can hold them for 30 days. You can not transfer them because you are not allowed to transfer them for 60 days after the initial purchase date. So if you don't cancel them out of Yahoo, you will have to wait for the 60 days to be up.

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