How are we going to make up the money lost that pays for roads & highways if...

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  1. ...we have a gas tax "holiday" ? Can you imagine taking a house/credit card/food/electricty/water bill payment "holiday" for a few months ? Would that be a prudent way to handle your finances ?
  2. Sahara Guest

    I like Hillary's plan better. It involves taking away the subsidies that the oil companies currently receive to pay for the gas tax break.

    I think it's a stupid idea as more needs to be done. Right now the government is making a bad situation even worse.
  3. Excellent point.

    A lot of road projects that are funded by the tax would get suspended as well, which in turn, would put a lot Americans out of work.

    It is an incredibly stupid idea. Leave it to Hillary and McCain......
  4. Daddy Guest

    If the math is correct we'd only save about $50. I think that a more drastic step is needed. If our foods & other goods are so impacted that people must choose, rent, or medicines or food, plus our need to keep the military fueled & supplied, the President should execute some sort of "War Powers Act" & force the oil companies to push back gas prices & freeze foreclosures & the attempt to circumvent rent freeze in the mobil home properties. (the new President could remove it when he/she takes office) Gas profits are pushing our economy to the brink because of it's effect on so many American industries. No wonder that real estate billionaire enjoys the monnicker of, "Grave Dancer". Corporate CEO greed will dance on our graves & the graves of our children as they take their millions to the bank.
  5. TBDDF Guest

    We will not make the loss in revenue back. It's gone if the McBush proposal goes through. This country needs to realize that gas is not coming down and the ride is over. China and India are gobbling up more gas each day and eventually supply will not keep up with demand. Just the fact that India's Tata Nano launched giving average Indians affordable vehicles by the thousands should be an indicator.
  6. vindikat Guest

    It would if you only had a few months to live
  7. Donkey Guest

    From the taxes on new tires.

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