How bad is it to make a debit transaction with no money in your account?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Jessa, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Jessa Guest

    Long story short I am in a huge bind...

    I start school May 5th and I need to be in Oregon on May 1st. I live in Alabama, and due to unforeseen circumstances I am left with no money. I am already -$60.00 in my account, but I need a plane ticket to Oregon. No one in my family can help (I've already asked) and so now I am contemplating just buying the plane ticket and letting it hit my account. I'll have money to pay it off once my student loan comes through, but I can't get my loan unless I get to Oregon... What should I do??
  2. 2008MARCH29 Guest

    Why can't this be done via USPS aka snail mail? Your already close to being arrested, like bouncing bad checks. Stop the spending NOW!

    visit: for a credit card.
  3. sorry to hear your in a pickel,,but you may not be able to use that account if its already neg....maybe i guess just try.....goodluck

    also your not going to jail,,,it has to be in the neg for 30 days...

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