How can I, as a 13-year-old, make enough money to buy a Wii?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by MMSCB, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. MMSCB Guest

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl just came out on Sunday, the 9th of March, and I really want that game so bad. My mom is too lame to buy me a Wii, and I only have about $20. I tell me mom if we can sell some of her little things, like dolls, cups, etc., which she calls them her "toys", but she won't sell them. I want to know a way of making money so I can buy a Wii. I want to know how a 13-year-old who is living in the country can make money. I don't do farming. It's not my thing. And I have a lot of dogs in my house. My mom said that We'll sell them when it warms up.
    I can't have a garage sale because my garage's roof broke, due to heavy rain, and a lot of stuff tipped all over the floor of the garage. The garage seems impossible to clean up.
    I hardly find money laying around my house, and my mom is poor. She used to work at a plastic-making company, but she is disabled in her left leg.
    I don't do online shopping and selling.
  2. ~girlfriday~ Guest

    Why not gather up some of YOUR old things to sell on ebay? That's what my kids have done (with my help) recently when they wanted big ticket items.

    Also, you can mow and/or rake lawns, pick of cans and take them to a recycling center for cash, babysit, work a part time job (depending on the laws of your state), you can pet sit or walk dogs - there are even people who would pay you to clean their lawns of dog doo. Be creative - if you want something bad enough, you will find a way.

    I hope you earn the money yourself - that way you might actually appreciate a Wii. Right now, you sound like you expect to be handed everything. Show your mom some respect!
  3. Amanda who? Guest

    Amanda who?
    shoveling snow
  4. Scott L Guest

    Scott L
    mow alot of yards.
  5. Greg H Guest

    Greg H
    my brother is 14 and he makes about $70-100 a weekend doing roofing work. Just find a construction company or roofing company and ask if you could help out on weekends. Also some plant nurseries will hire young people to help out. i did that when i was your age. One more is if you town has little league baseball ask if you could work concessions or do the scoreboard.
  6. Sabrina Guest

    Why The Heck Would You Sell Your Dogs For A Wii????!?!!!!!?????
  7. addnan Guest

    save up ur weekly money
  8. Vladyc Guest

    pick up cans.... an make money out of them... or have a garage sale.. or ask ur mom for a loan!
  9. First of all, don't ask your mom to sell her little things. How would you like it if your mom wanted you to sell your things that you liked so that she could buy something for herself? You wouldn't like that either.

    As far as the dogs, I think you mean puppies, like full breed puppies, right? Just wondering. That can get you a lot of money.

    Tell your mom and relatives that want one for your birthday. Offer to do chores for a relative or neighbor. Save allowance if you get it. Pick up and save soda cans. The recycle place near me will give you 60 cents a pound which ads up quick. When it warms up, you can mow grass. You could get a paper route.

    Good luck.

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