How can I make money online to help my Mom financially?

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  1. I'm 16 years old, and not ready for a job. However, I want to make money online to help my Mom in a financial crisis, Raised single handed since 4 years old, My father disobeys to pay child support and will not give her any money. She has lots of debt and pays the minimum. Recently, she's been diagnosed with cancer and that also adds to the crisis. How can I help her as a teenager by making money online? Thank you.
  2. Azn*Girl Guest

    I read an article about this 16 year old who created a website where she does designs for other people's website. She signed up for something (Sorry I forgot!) provided Google. Google basically pays you money for every time people visit your website. I think she made her first million when she was 18!

    She said during the first month, she got a check in the mail from Google for about 1,000 dollars. The next month her website got more hits so Google sent her another check, this time for about 6,000 dollars!

    So if your good at attracting attention to your own web site, then sign up for this thing provided by Google. You could make alot of money.

    Sorry I don't know what the program is. Just search it up on Google or contact Google yourself!
  3. Learn to sell things on EBay ( or Amazon, for books ) and sell either things you have that are superfluous or, as you get more adept, buy AND sell things at a profit. You might have a knack for it or you might not but the entry costs are low and you'll know soon enough.

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