how come nobody wants to how much money ,the mccain's make on filing their

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by blank slate, May 12, 2008.

  1. blank slate Guest

    blank slate
    income taxes.All others have? concern with politicians and possible corruption our political system has been dealing with wasting taxpayers money
  2. sp77511 Guest

    McCain released his. He and his wife file seperatly and SHE is not running...Get over it...loser
  3. John Q. Guest

    John Q.
    John McCain has released his Taxes but his wife has not because she files separately and is a heir to a multi-million dollar company. It is her choice, her husband is running for office, not her.
  4. Craig G Guest

    Craig G
    About time someone other than Hillary gets grilled for not releasing tax information.
  5. Jules Guest

    I agree with jwthoughts. McCain has released his tax information.
    If you are concerned about political corruption and wasting the taxpayers money, then don't vote democratic.
  6. Jacob W Guest

    Jacob W
    I don't rcall seeing Mrs. Theresa Hines Kerry's tax returns.

  7. I am more interested in his medical records. He has lost his marbles AND his bearings.

    McCain is not fit to be commander in chief. Don't want his finger on the nuclear button. (He may be thinking he is buzzing for his nurse instead. We cannot take that chance America!)

    Romney is the better man for the job.
  8. jwthoughts Guest

    They file separately. Senator McCain has released his tax returns. What is the problem?

    Did you have a problem with it when John Kerry released his separate tax returns, but not his potty mouth wife's?
  9. iraqisax Guest

    I think that the American people need to know at least as much about our public servants as they do about us. For example, we need to know about their police records, any substance abuse in their pasts -or present. This means they all need to be subjected to sporadic drug tests, with the information being made public.

    All of their biometric data needs to be forwarded to every police station in the nation. All of their phone calls and e-mails need to be intercepted to determine if they are guilty of corruption, or aiding terrorists. Their social security numbers (the real ones) and all of their financial data needs to be scrutinized periodically by independent auditors to see if they are laundering money.

    After all, they work for us. Can we do any less?
  10. emiltrees Guest

    And you think that is going to change with Obama. He has made quite a bit in the last few years and so have the Clintons. Interesting why so many people will vote for a man who denounces the white side of his race. Remember it was Obama and his pastor who started playing the race card. Got OJ off for murder!! Voting for someone with a Muslim name and no experience in these times of terrorism and who won't wear the American Flag is too dangerous in my opinion. But I have seen it before and I'm sure I will see it again before I die. This is not an issue about a black man being president. If a black (and I mean all black)man had a good record behind his name, I would gladly vote for a man like that. But this is not the case. Shame on the democrats for coming up with present candidates (Hillary and Obama). And shame on the republicans for offering someone close to 80 years old. Good luck America because we are going to need it.
  11. mark030150 Guest

    McCain has disclosed his tax filings and is widely recognized as one of the more affluent members of Congress. So if you're concerned about possible corruption, why not vote for the one who already has plenty of money and won't be tempted? McCain's wife files separately and has already said she will not disclose for reasons of personal privacy, which I agree she is entitled to.
  12. darlene Guest

    I really do not care about how much money they have. All politicians are corrupt. Our job is to just find the best one we can. And knowing their wifes finances is not going to help us with the real issues.
  13. Scott M Guest

    Scott M
    The McCains hold their assets separately and report their income separately. Cindy McCain is not a candidate. Her primary asset is her interest in her family's business -- a Budweiser beer distributorship. The company is privately held and it is not uncommon for private companies to decline to release their financial statements, including their tax returns.

    If you are concerned about political corruption and wasting taxpayers money, you don't need to see Cindy McCain's tax returns. But her concern for privacy is not helping her husband in the liberal press. The first report I saw suggested her interest in the family business was worth $40 million; then it was $100 million; now it's $200 million. Keep quiet, Cindy! You're getting richer by the day!

    Why don't you look into the finances of George Soros, a far left liberal who made a name for himself several years ago when he made a reported $1 billion in a signle day by shorting the British pound. He is MUCH more involved in politics than Cindy McCain is, and he's a strong financial backer of Democratic liberals. Now his hedge funds are domiciled in the tax haven of the Grand Caymans, so don't expect to find too much information. But he is MUCH richer than Cindy McCain and some of his financial activities are far more suspect than anything Cindy McCain has done.

    Take a look.

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