How do designers make money from their ready-to-wear shows?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Jay Red, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Jay Red Guest

    Jay Red
    I'm talking about people like Alexander Mcqueen and John Galliano who make dramatic looks that aren't very wearable. How do they make money off of these shows when not a lot of people will buy them?
  2. Star25 Guest

    Media, thats where they get their money, like if they make it on TV they get paid .
  3. dngrzdmn Guest

    The fashion elite, rich people, stars, etc.

    These shows merely highlight what styles and colours are current right now. Someone like Paris Hilton, J-Lo, Jennifer Annison etc. merely approach the designer and tell them they want a specific dress base on what they saw and make an appointment with the designer.

    The customer then has a custom fitting (and 3 or 4 more) and the designer will pare down the look, no bow, no fur vest, no patent leather boot, simpler material covering more skin, longer cut, etc. This is how they make their money as they limit the amount that they sell so that when you spend $45,000 on a dress, only three other people in the world may have it too. This cuts down on embarrassing incidents on the red carpet.

    There are also more wearable elements in the collection but these are not featured in the show. These will be retail at high-end stores. Thousands of copies are made.

    That way designers develop a brand. Then they put their name on other products like shoes, make-up, perfume and furniture made by people like you and me and jack up the price. This makes young women (and some men) buy things they really cannot afford so they feel superior to others.
  4. jamie Guest

    whats ready to wear?

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