how do people get enough money to make giant 5 building hotels?

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  1. i went to this hotel in pensecola and it was had 5 buildings all had pools and flat screen TVs in every room.And i kept wondering how people could get enough money to make this,any ideas?
  2. i would contact donald trump...
  3. Yardbird Guest

    They borrowed from the banks, apparently before the banks went bankrupt
  4. Ron Berue Guest

    Ron Berue
    Believe it or not, EVERYTHING made or created by humans, starts with an idea. Look around you. At one time, EVERYTHING you see around you was an idea.

    "The climb up the corporate ladder of success" to success doesn't start at the very top. It begins at the very bottom - cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes and pots. Cleaning out grease traps, sweeping parking oots AND ALL those menial tasks no one else enjoys doing or even likes doing - BUT those jobs have to get done.

    They're ALL part of "paying dues". Many folks did those jobs before that person on the bottom. After a person moves up or move-on to better positions, many others will be doing those same jobs. In fact, its very possible the person who did those jobs will be training those coming after that person.

    As a person "moves up the ladder" and advances, he/she develops a "track record". Its those things he/she does or doesn't do, which causes others to pay attention or to ignore that person.

    Being honest, coming in early; staying late; looking for ways to save money and be more productive; being dependable AND knowledgeable; doing ALL the right things - and doing them well.

    As the person advances, he/she is put in charge of different projects. Works well with others; delegates authority; follows up. Becomes a leader - leading by example.

    Eventually opportunities present themselves or that person decides its time to do the things he/she is ready to do to RELLY succeed - for himself/herself AND for those who have enough faith and confidence in that person.

    Business plans are prepared; meetings are arranged; money is raised; financing is arranged through stock sales and other opportunities are presented for others to p[articipate - or not to participate.

    Its not an easy road. There is always a price to pay: time, money, health, happiness - many times, all of them. NOT every poerson makes it.

    This picture I presented barely scratched the surface.

    Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

    Ron Berue
    Yes, that is my real last name!
  5. Shaun R Guest

    Shaun R
    They probably are either investors or entrepreneurs. You will be amazed at how fast money can grow.

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