how do u make money fast in runescape when ur a non mem~! i used to merch but

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by samuel q, May 4, 2008.

  1. samuel q Guest

    samuel q
    now i got nothin to merch!!!!!!! plz im kinda a noob only been playin for a month and im only lvl 40 so plz really give me an answer a lvl 40 could do!
  2. wakyzacy Guest

    get your mining up until you can mine gold then go to the al kharid mine with nothing but a level dependant pickaxe , mine until you get a full inventory then run to the bank in al kharid and deposit it , repeat over and over again until you get a few stacks of gold ore then go put it on the grand exchange , 500 gold for every ore i think.
  3. hondaman* Guest

    it all depends on how much time you want to spend. i know that mining coal and selling it is a fast way to make money, but that is only if your mining lvl is over 55. otherwise it takes forever to just get one coal. one thing that i found out that just makes you a rediculous amount of money is cowhides. there are rediculous amounts of people who are willing to buy them at 100gp a peice or even more. i ended up just paying noobs to get me like 200 for like 3k and then sell the 200 for 20k in like 5 minutes. O and by the way you have to sell em in the al-kaherid bank cuz nobody will buy em anywhere else. good luck!

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