How do you get videos from google video on to your ipod?

Discussion in 'Google' started by Brian B, May 9, 2008.

  1. Brian B Guest

    Brian B
    Somebody told me that you can get videos from google video or something like that on your ipod? how is that possible?
  2. clarix Guest


    I'd be more than happy to help you! Sit back in your cozy chair and I will get you up and running with some cool movies and tv shows!

    1) Type in
    2) On the right, click "advanced video search"
    3) Under "Find Results", Type what you are looking for
    4) Under "duration", since most tv shows are about 10-22 minutes, choose how long you want your movie to be
    5) Under "price", check off that you want your videos to be free
    6) This step is extremely important so pay close attention! Okay, under "Domain" type in these words:
    7) Okay, now press enter and you should see your search results
    8) When you see something you like, click it and the google video player should come up
    9) On the right, you will see a gray "download" button. Don't click it just yet!
    10) Next to that button, there is a scroll down menu. Click it and drag the mouse down to "Video Ipod/ Sony PSP"
    11) Now you can click the download button!
    12) Save it to wherever you'd like
    13) Once its finished downloading, load it up to your mp3 player's software, sync it to the mp3 player and enjoy
    14) This is the MOST IMPORTANT step! Okay, right under this, click "Choose as best answer" :)
  3. ty_kleinle Guest

    you can download videos from youtube onto your ipod with this program
    i have it and it's very easy to use. It simply downloads the videos from youtube AND converts them so you can put them on your ipod

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