How do you get Yahoo Answer Freebies?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Holly Crap ?, May 9, 2008.

  1. Holly Crap ? Guest

    Holly Crap ?
    Well i saw laura and her question so how do you get them=] she must be special...
    nobody ever answers on that section lol...seemed like more dog people knew
  2. I'm not sure how either, but I've been sent a:
    Y!A back pack
    Y!A t-shirt
    Y!A magnet
    Y!A sunglasses
    and Y!A socks. (wooo hooo!)

    I don't think that I even GAVE them my address. 0_0
  3. Yo LO! ? Guest

    Yo LO! ?
    Don't feel bad Iggy - I don't get stuff either : (

    Heck - I can't even get an answer from them on my old account, much less free stuff...
  4. Dog Addict Guest

    Dog Addict
    I get so many freebies I now make a living selling this stuff out of my trunk. Whatcha want? I know I got it. The tote bag is this months hot item. It will only cost you one Schnoodle.
    Meet me behind WalMart at noon... make sure the dog isn't mircochipped.
  5. Laura ? Guest

    Laura ?
    Um. er. What freebies?

    <shining halo>



    Sid? How'd you get the good stuff?? I signed up for the sunglasses (and also the iPod) but I only got a cap and a tote bag (giving that to greekman) and a lightbulb. I wonder how they decide who to give what to?
  6. ? Liz ? Guest

    ? Liz ?
    I saw that too, Iggy...I would love to know cause I've never received any freebie!
  7. cruzebc5 Guest

    im not sure what this has to do with dogs, lol. but i guess watever works right?! wats a yahoo answer freebie? im still a little new to this?
    ADD: ooohh, thats wat a freebie is, ok.
  8. kat_lady2 Guest

    I don't think its because they do not have your address.....I think people are randomly picked to recieve freebies. I never have either.
  9. I got a magnet last year or early this year but none of that other stuff.
    Yup, she must be special.
  10. Hmmmppphhhhh .... I've NEVER gotten any freebies or goodies from YA! Guess I'm not special!
  11. Cindy Guest

    I still think you have to be in a gang. It's gang wear... I don't know how you get it but you must have to know the secret handshake or code words or be asked to join.

    I haven't gotten any stuff.
  12. ?Golden gal? Guest

    ?Golden gal?
    Well I signed up to get all that stuff and I never got anything!

    I think YA just likes Laura! :)

    Oh Man Sid got stuff too!
  13. Cleoppa Guest

    Good question. I want to know, too. But wouldn't the YA category be more likely to know than the dogs?

    ADD: How do some people get some much junk from YA? I need to check that I gave them my (correct) address.

    ADD: Ooooh! I didn't even give them my address. Now that they have my address, let's see what kind of junk I get. Woohoo!

    Did I answer your question? Here's the solution: Give them your address.

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