how google news work?

Discussion in 'Google' started by Tiep D, Mar 10, 2008.

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    Tiep D
    I need to know how it work and what's the way they compare many news in internet
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    I have used Google news before for a variety of things, including world events and also things as simple as celebrity gossip.

    Say for example you wanted to be kept up to date with news on Israel you do the following:

    Go to the Google homepage, you will see 4 options 'web' 'images' 'Groups' and 'News' Click on 'news'. In the left hand column you will see an image of an envelope and 'News alerts' written next to it. Click this.

    You will be taken to another screen and a box will appear entitled 'create a google alert'. They require you to fill in 4 boxes. 'Search terms' 'Type' 'how often' and 'email'. In 'Search terms' for this example you would type in 'Israel'

    Once this is activtaed you will receive daily emails to your inbox with links to news topics that you requested that are also up to date. Within the emails there is always a link to click to stop the news alerts. Its as simple as that.

    How do they do it? I cant be 100% sure but I imagine in the same way you search the web, they just do it by date and can search faster than you can. Then send you the relevant links..essentially anyway.

    Hope this helps !

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