How long will GoDaddy hold on expired domians?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by lord_art8, May 5, 2008.

  1. lord_art8 Guest

    My friend's domain recently expired at and now it's up for deletion he didn't bought the domain for himself someone gave it to him and that guy is nowhere to be found, I want to buy my friend's old domain but how long will GoDaddy hold onto it?
    The domain already expired like 27 days ago and still GoDaddy is holding up the domain. It's say "This domain name expired on 04/03/08 and is pending renewal or deletion"
  2. royer Guest

    if its expired its your for grabs
  3. Rikitikitavi Guest

    As soon as it expires GODADDY MIGHT give you 10 days.Heres what I do.Go to yahoo domain names and type in the name of the domain name,if its available,then buy it from them or go to GODADDY and buy it. WHATEVER you do,DO NOT go to GODADDY and make multiple inquiries for the same domain name. The reason is after a few inquiries,GODADDY will buy it themselves and deem it a prefered listing so instead of paying $9.95 they will try to charga $200 or more because they feel that the name is popular and thus charge a premium for it.

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