How many bad decisions (money wise) do I have to make before I'm eligible for...

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Jesus_Is_My_Gardner, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. ...Bush's corporate welfare program
    i think it's called the bear-stearns program...i want my $25B
    Trogdor do know that red-states recieve more welfare than blue-states don't you ?
  2. Trogdor Guest

    What program is that?

    The one that the Democrats support for bailing out people that made bad decisions on their mortgage?

    Or the ones started by FDR and LBJ?
  3. toetagme Guest

    You have to be very rich to even be considered. Then actually you don't need to make a bad decision. The oil companies didn't and look what they are getting during this time of record breaking profits that are crippling our economy. Are you rich enough? It is only welfare for poor hungry people that is bad. Corporate welfare is good.
  4. ddogge01 Guest

    Good, question, but I wouldn't call it Bush's welfare plan, the Dems are pushing this just as much. I would love it I could open a business, make a bunch of stupid mistakes and have the government bail me out. Or buy a house I know, or should have known, that I can't afford in 5 years but I was too stupid to understand my mortgage or take it to someone who could explain it to me, then not be able to afford it and stand outside with a sign asking the government to bail me out. Can't wait until I'm in a 40% tax bracket making under $40,000 a year gross because we become just like most of Europe. Looks like capitalism lost. Has anyone checked to see if Lenin is smiling in his glass coffin or whatever they keep him in?

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