How much money a month do you spend on gasoline? Does it make you want to buy a car

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  1. that is better on gas? I spend close to $400 a month. I only make $12 an hour but I have a long commute to and from work. My truck only gets 18 mpg... I am definately wanting to get a car that gets 30mpg or better and am looking for something now...

    What kind of car should I get, any ideas?
  2. jimmy d. Guest

    jimmy d.
    Cut way back on un-necessary driving, combine errands, etc. Fill up every other weekend...about $45.00 each, so roughly $200. per month? Oh, and you need a scooter!
  3. k.t. Guest

    mine $400 a month i want a
    smart car (two seater)
  4. his love Guest

    his love
    OMG! That is a lot. I make $12/ hour too, and I spend about $160 a month on gas. I get the mid grade and it just went up to about $3.35 a gallon here, but it was like $3.20 for few weeks. I travel about 15 mile to and form work 6 days a week and pretty much everything else I need to do or anywhere I want to go is on the way. I don't "joy ride" too much to waste gas, but I still feel like my vehicle isn't very gas efficient. I cant buy a new car, but I know mine isn't the best on gas. After I get a tune up/ oil change it should be just a little better on gas. I'm really overdue for both of those.
  5. I spend about $125 a month on average on gas (filling up once a week). Although yesterday I put $43 in my tank from $3.69 premium gas. Yes, it REALLY sucks that a lot of newer cars are requiring premium gas now. I just bought my dream car (well at least of the last three years). An 08 Saturn Sky Red Line. I get about 20-26 mpg city depending on how heavy my foot is. I ususally get about 30-35 hwy. But I only drive 6 miles to work (My old route is only 2.5 miles literally in a straight line from my house but is very bumpy and has lots of trains).

    If I were you, since you have a long commute, I'd go for a small commuter car. You could even keep the truck for hauling when you need to. Nothing extravagent though. Maybe like a used honda civic or an old saturn SL or SC. They usually sell for about $2k for ones in decent shape. I still have my 92 Saturn SL1 with 140k miles and it still gets 25 city 40 hwy. If i was to put some time into it, i could boost that a good 5 mpg, as other SL owners have. Economical, inexpensive to maintain, and polymer dent-resistant body panels (which are awesome!). Not to mention that if you ever run out of gas, the car is really easy to push by yourself. lol.
  6. My Hubby was discussing the the matter of a more fuel efficient car for me.... My business requires a lot of travel.I am currently driving a car that has 165,637 miles on it and only gets 32 on the highway and 28 in the city,my is mostly in the city.When my car was newer, the gas mileage was better.I'm driving a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, with a v6. I have keep it meticulously, maintained with records to prove it. I believe if I were to purchase another car I would get another Grand Prix, I have had such good luck with the one I have, I couldn't go wrong.
    But..............I have considered a Honda,Mazda or Toyota, I have heard very good things about those more economical brands.

    The Hybrid cars are still a little scary to me...The cost to maintain it my far out weigh it's benefits.
  7. Dew Guest

    I have a Ford Focus and it is Great on gas! I spend 125.00 a month on gas.We live in Ohio and went to West Virgina in my car and only spent like a little over a hundred dollars to get there and back we left on Friday and returned on Sun.They get 30 miles per gallon maybe a bit more on the Highway.
  8. mad mike Guest

    mad mike
    1993-1997 Geo Metro XFI. The XFI version was very lightly optioned with manual windows, 5 speed trans, only had the 3 cylinder engine, no A/C and was about 40% lighter than a standard metro. Fuel Mileage? 53 city 58 highway. Beats any hybrid out there. Another option is a 1980-87 VW Rabbit diesel. Sure, diesel is pushing 5 bucks a gallon, but at nearly 50 MPG on the highway, the economy offsets the fuel price. Plus it is easily converted to bio-diesel.
  9. $160 a month on my 1996 Honda Accord. I drive 30 miles a day to work and back. I need a new car and am looking for one that gets good mileage becasue gas will soon be $5 a gallon and I 'd rather spend my hard-earned money on something other than gas.

    Get a Honda CRV or a Honda hybrid.

    SUVs should be outlawed.
  10. About 150 a month spent on gas. I figured if i start taking the bus it will be cheeper and my stress level may even go down some.

    I would try anything small, most of the small cars get good gas milage, or really any of the new cars get better than the old ones.
  11. dianee Guest

    i drive what i like. i dont base it on what the price of gas is. thats just me.

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