How much money are we allowed to make?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Darth Scorn, May 3, 2008.

  1. Darth Scorn Guest

    Darth Scorn
    The Democrat wish to steal 'big oil's profits because they are making too much money. How much is an acceptable amount to make? Does it matter if you're in a corporation,llc, an individual or other status? Who decides how much is acceptable?
  2. jmaximus9 Guest

    Oh the poor oil companies, boohoo. Please, these companies have been sucking at the teat of the taxpayers for decades. Not only do they get direct subsidies from the federal and state governments, they trillions in hidden subsides. What do you think all BS in the middle east is about? Its about protecting the multi-national oil companies. We spend more on our national defense than the rest of the world combined, all for the benefit of companies like Exxonmobil or BP. We overthrew Iran's democratically elected US educated Prime Minister because he was going to nationalize their oil fields [fields that BP and Shell claimed ownership of].
  3. b_lahmon Guest

    hell they are making too damm much and nobody shouldn't have to steal it their greedy asses ought to give some of it back themselves instead of constantly trying to get more I don't give a damm how much they make it will never be enough for them, but one thing's for sure they can't take any of it with them when they die
  4. dinodino Guest

    You are allowed to make as much as you can. The question is how much you get to keep of what you make.

    Please, taxation isn't "stealing"

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