how much money could I make if I go to a mall, and ask every single person for a...

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by loco, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. loco Guest

    ...quarter??? like, go to a big shopping mall full of people.. during busy times. then go from one end of the mall, ask every single person for a quarter "for the bus" you would say. odds are you're bound to run into a nice guy who'll give one to you.

    do that everyday.. how much money would you be able to rake in? and is it allowed?
  2. Nun Y Guest

    Nun Y
    a buck two-eighty
  3. Number of people 'a' times money requested 'b',
    therefore a x $0.25 = answer
  4. Not nearly as much as you would if you went to a temp agency, ask for a legitimate job, and used your energy that way.
  5. The Hammer Guest

    The Hammer
    Check with your local beggar proudly displaying his, "I Work for Food" sign.

    Just think every quarter is tax free.
  6. Jim Guest

    that sounds stupid
  7. mikesdaman71 Guest

    I agree with everyone on here panhandling is illegal. As for those people standing on the streets holding signs that could also be a scam.
  8. Evil J Guest

    Evil J
    You're talking about panhandling which is a form of solicitation and probably isn't permitted at the mall. As for how much you can make by begging - you'd be shocked to find out that there are people clearing over fifty grand a year on street corner asking for money from people stopped at the lights.

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