How much money should I make a year for it to be enough to marry?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Mario O, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Mario O Guest

    Mario O
    I'm 25 years old, I'm an Engineer, I work for an Aircraft company in the USA and I make a little over $60K a year before taxes. I am not American therefore I'm able to work with a VISA.

    My girlfriend and I have been together for over 6 years know; I love her and she loves me, there is no question about this. We both want to get married; my question is would my salary be enough to support her and start a family?

    We wouldn't expect to have children right away; I think we would both like to wait until we are 30. If we do get married and she comes to live with me in the USA she would not be able to work because she is not a citizen, and my VISA wouldn't grant her that privilege either, so I would be the sole provider of the household.

    Right know my salary is great for my needs; I just purchased a 2008 car, have a great apartment, pay all my bills, etc. and when I don't get too crazy spending, I'm able to save some money; but I know it would be a whole different story supporting 2.
    That's right, she would not be working.
    I've explained the situation to her and she says we would be able to make ends meet no problem. The thing is that everytime she comes and visits me we go out on a spending rampage of clothes, fine dine and wine, etc. And I told her that if we do get married we would not be able to do that as much.
    We would be living in AR but they could also send me back to WA; and it's a big difference in cost of living in both this states.
  2. clevergirl. Guest

    about $50 for marriage license and justice of the peace fee

    you are still married just as much as you are if you have a wedding
  3. ~nicole~ Guest

    Will she not be working?
  4. don't do it dude. actually, the LESS you make the better. if it doesn't work out she'll get less that way.
  5. if she doesn't work, that might be a problem.
  6. chevalrose Guest

    It might be tough, but possible. People have survived on less. As long as you're wise about what you spend, and the area you're living doesn't have a ridiculous standard of living, then you should be OK.

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