How shall i make the money to buy a horse?!?!?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Magz, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I am 14 years old and i want a horse, but my parents say that i will have to pay for it myself. I have been taking riding lessons for 7 years now and for the past couple years have been helping to train horses. I live in a small town and my parents have never owned horses and nobody else in my family is very interested in them. I do not have any land to keep it on, or a shelter etc. I have enough money for the horse and i have aboult half of the equipment that i will need. So far i am getting money from babysitting every now and then, $10 for each aced spelling test, and a good amount of money for a good report card. My instructer wants me to work for her next summer when i can drive. but i still need to find other ways to make a good amount of money. I will want to have about 20,000 b4 i can start the horse buying process. My parents might help with the feeding when i get my horse but not much. PLEASE HELP!!!!! i want a horse soo badly that i am willing to do ANYTHING!!!!!
    this is not a phase i have been riding for seven years and i am getting very serious about rodeo, and horses and rodeo have gotten into my blood!!!!!!!
  2. There is no way that you are going to earn enough money at your age to keep the horse. Sorry to be blunt, but this is a fact.It may have been possible with help from your parents. I was exactly the same at your age, so I have been there. I did not get my first horse until I was 22 (I then had a full time job to be able to afford it, in fact I had 2 jobs.) Any way, My advice to you, would be to get holiday work with horses at your local stables , barn or summer camp. There are always plenty of people that want their horses looked after whilst they are away on vacation. I do understand that it is not the same as having a horse, and it just doesn't seam fair, but unfortunately that is just how life is. (it isn't fair.)
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    Dixie S
    Ok your on the right start with getting this horse. About boarding it, ask your instructor if you work for her on certain days, will she let you keep your horse there for free. And you can get a well kept nicely trained horse for about 5000, I'd give around the same amount for tack and a little more saved in case of vet bills and other emergencys. Also, you need to look more into the horse you want to buy. I had no idea when my parents finally told me i could get a horse. I suggest a nice quiet quarter horse. Or if you like more get up and go, arabians are great runners.

    Hope I helped.
  4. Tay Guest

    Hello Im so happy to hear you love horses and you care about them first of all =]
    go to search barnyard-horses-put in your zip code
    they have rescued horses in need of a home plus they are very cheap compared to others.
    please just check it out its cheap and youll save a life
  5. Alyssa Guest

    Just remember, paying for a horse does not end when you buy your horse. There are vet bills, farrier bills, and lots of other things to pay for.
  6. get in touch with a near by stable or breeder and ask to do odd jobs for free lessons and boarding once you get the horse. Do you really want a horse though or is this a phase??
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    Amelia D
    ok... All I can say is wow you're in the same position as me!!! I'm earning money babysitting (but I am and was always a straight A student and I don't get money for that!!! :() My parents work for the Embassy and they have a summer hire thing for kids. They pay you to assist people by delivering things, coping papers, writing messages etc. Think outside the box. In free time make stuff and have a sale. You can make quite a profit I did it for a charity and after 2 years of hard work and about all of my friends help we really earned TONS of money selling hats, scarfs, and sweaters we knitted. Jewlrey we made. Food be baked and so on going with the seasons such as for christmas (we had 2 of those seasons) we advertised at school kids buying stuff for they're parents. it was great fun but loads of work. Now in middle school i don't have that kind of time but you could do something on a shorter scale. I've found that a part time job spmetimes is offerd at 15. Like a gardening service might hire you. Trust me it'll be TONS of hard work but try to find things you enjoy like makeing things, training horses, and if your really good teaching lessons. If you do things you love it won't seem like such hard work. (also tip for babysitting if the kids bedtime is 8 and the parents return at 11 you can use that time to finish HW! I always am asked to babysit at night and after the nightime battles are over it's nice to sit down and do HW noing that you had extra time to earn more money in other ways beforhand! ALSO try takeing a first aid course for children I did and when i told the people who I babysit for most of them payed extra! A 3 1/2 hour course earned me extra money! Thats all I really feel like blabing about Good Luck!

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