how to lvl up fast and make money in runescape?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by dicksondylan, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. dicksondylan Guest

    i need to know ways to lvl up fast in runescape while making money a the same time
  2. Tott Paula Guest

    Tott Paula
    That depends on your level right now. If you're under level 10, fight goblins, as they don't do much damage, and drop runes and coins and bones. The bones sell really well in the grand exchange.

    If you're level 30 or so, fight Hill Giants, they drop runes, gems, armor, money and big bones. Big bones sell for somewhere around 300 each. They also drop limpwarts, which also sell for good cash in the Grand Exchange. Every time I sell them, they go really fast.

    Theres a great money making guide in the runescape forums, under skills called Money Tips Here, and it's written by a mod, so they know what they're talking about.

    Add me in game, I'll get you more ideas. My user name is My Cuppa Joe. (I like coffee! LOL)
  3. jamitall123 Guest

    runescape sux man but heres a tip go to like the barbarian place go down the ladder kill minotaurs and molves. take the helms and sell them to like the hat shop there
  4. austinianian Guest

    Runescape is for retards.
  5. J.D. Guest

    kids still play that game? get an automater or kill stuff
    or trade

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