How to make a money order? Best Answer 10 Points?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Eric c, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Eric c Guest

    Eric c
    I am buying something on a website called and i am wondering what money order means and do you need a account to do it.
    if anyone doesn't mind please check out the website and see if it is safe to buy from. and please tell me how to order

    thanks best answer gets 10 points
  2. ????? Guest

    to get a money order go to a bank or a gas station with the exact amount of mony needed and ask them for a money order of that anmount.........and just a tip you should only shop at well knowen places online i got riped of 150 for a chinese version of an ipod that didnt work.
  3. Jim F Guest

    Jim F
    7-11 does them too... or a post office
  4. LeeCee Guest

    Go to the post office and fill out a form. You pay them at the post office and then send the form to the seller. They pick up the money on their end.

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