How to make good money on runescape (over 100k and hour)?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Blackbeltman, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Blackbeltman Guest

    Hello i just want to ask ppl is there a very good way to make money on runescape per hour. My stats r pretty good i cannont fish sharks tho can cut yews. So plxs give me some ideas
    I already do vial running so just say som good stuff btw my runescape account is called memow4
    goodbye and good luck
  2. G Joe Guest

    G Joe
    Merchant or cut yews a lot. It's a lot easier to cut yews these days, so you should earn 100K if you rapidly do it for an hour, I bet. And they're also worth a lot these days.

    I could give you too many other ways. On the Runescape forums, (you don't have to be member for this) enter the "skills" section, and there one of the top posts will be about money-making. That should really help you.
  3. since they made that wierd cap on how much you can sell stuff for merchanting is no longer a real option. I got banned from runescape a long time ago at lvl 120, back then I made the most money merchanting or staking in the arena.

    but skill wise I found the fastest money for making nature runes, I would make about 600k an hour making double nats, you could do about 300-350 with singles and using the abyss.

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