How to make money being 13 years old?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Woobie, May 14, 2008.

  1. Woobie Guest

    I'm 13 years old ,and i really want a nintendo wii. But my only hope is selling an ipod on ebay ,and some other dvds. I guess that could cover the console ,but i need games too. Also my parents aren't really helping me ,except giving me $20 to mow the lawn every 2 weeks. Please Help, i need to make some sort of income!
  2. awesome_hawk Guest

    with your jokes like drees like a clown and What is a canadian you do not need a job you need to get a life and enjoy you f u c k i n g life
  3. DebtFree Guest

    very cool on lawn mowing. work is good for you. :)

    I was gonna say mow lawns, wash cars, clean houses, baby sit, house sit, pet sit... deliver papers maybe?
  4. Joseph Sangl Guest

    Joseph Sangl
    Walk pets
    Mow lawns
    Landscape yards
    Pull weeds for the neighbors
    Clean barn stalls
    Detassel seed corn
    Groom pets
    Yard sale

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