how to make money by placing ads on website???

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by gijo, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    How do you make money through placing Ads on your website or blog?
    How do you go about it?

    *step by step instruction would be most most helpful!

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    Yes you can make money with your site. Follow these steps and I'm sure you'll gonna buy a new Car in the next few months :)

    1.) Make a website, blog or anything that interest more people.
    2.) Work out on some good content and useful information.
    3.) DO a little bit of Search Engine Optimization so that your site will appear on major Search Engine search results.
    4.) Build traffic through your friends (online and offline) and use the power of social networks.
    5.) When you are are successful with the above, you can then put ads on your sites but not too many. Your viewers, readers or visitors might get annoyed by ads. You can also do a paid reviews on your site. It's like you feature a particular product or services on your site and they pay for it.

    Ads that you can put in your site would be from Adsense, Yahoo Publisher network, Chitika, TLA, etc. there's a lot to mention
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    Chris G
    Signup and follow directions they give

    Adsense isn't going to make you rich unless you're getting millions of visitors or more per month.

    They pay based on CPC (Cost per click) or CPM (Cost per 1000 views).

    Another one is (Commission Junction). Go there and signup, then you can apply to advertiser programs to advertise.

    CJ pays based on CPA (cost per action), CPL (cost per lead), CPS (cost per sale) - depending on the advertiser you are advertising for...

    Good luck, and happy advertising!

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