How to make money/convince parents for a horse?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Rebecca, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Rebecca Guest

    I've been horseback riding for about 2 years, give or take. I technically started about 3 years ago, but had to stop for a year due to an injury after falling off. My parents don't mind me riding and understand the consequences that come with it, but won't buy me a horse!Do you think that it's too early for me to get one?I'm currently jumping about 2'6, but I'm pretty sure i have jumped higher than that. I'm not trying to brag, but i am not poor, so i can afford a horse. My parents say that buying the horse isn't the issue, it's the upkeep. its $700 dollars a month to keep it at my barn, and with the horrible economy, that wouldn't work out. I just cant stand not having a horse though! Almost everyone i know that rides has their own, and it hurts me when i see them loving their horses and taking care of them.i would do anything for a horse!any suggestions?they said maybe if i didn't go to a school that cost 40,000 dollars i year for my sister and i that maybe we would be able toget one
    thanks for all the answers, they're all really good. I would pay for it myself, but im just a student, and cant work because im too young and don't have the time. i have money in the bank, but thats for college. i have maybe around $700 dollars of my own money to spend, that i earned, but that would only pay for one month of board. =[
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    it is costly to own a horse....I put in at least $400 a month if not more (usually more) for my horse and guess what? That doesn't even include the saddle that I need to buy hehe.

    I pay for my horse out of my own pocket parents don't help me at all. I pay for board, farrier, vet bills, food, extra supplies, saddles, reins, bits, grooming supplies everything.

    That's why I could get a horse, because I bought the horse and I pay for everything...maybe your parents would let you get one if you paid for it
  3. When you get older you will see why they never got you a horse and not having one isnt a bad thing it makes you more dertermined to learn as much as you can about horses so you are in the daily knowledge of it all so dont keep getting jelouse because they have one and you want one, you are learning in a better way then they have. Your learning on understanding more about horses because you want to be a better horse woman and with them having a horse it will get boring to some because they had it handed to them so instead of being all whinny about it strat to save money up and read books and maybe you wish will come true.

    And to be honest you wouldnt be paying for it your family would so I see were they are coming from and saying No. Horses are expensive an most people just dont get tha yet. Do you see all the horses that are being abandonded because of the economy down right now, your family knows they cant handle and they wont put themself in that situation so be happy with what you have.
  4. shadow Guest

    i dont think you're going to like my answer ( i know because I dont like my answer. . . but it happens to be realistic)

    go to school, get a good paying job, and get a horse. if you so happens to do it this way, the chances you will a. have more fun, b. keep the horses longer go up greatly. i dont want to wait for a horse, but i dont have a choice in the matter. i cant afford it.

    if you are a minor, when you go to collect/move out to live on you're own, you'll prob will end up having to sell the horse b/c time is limited, and living on you're own costs tons of money.

    i have my horse dreams, then i have reality looking me in the face, i'm going to have to pay for it on my own(like everything else i want). i would suggest tho, since you want a horse so bad now, go full lease a horse, it may be more money according to some, but it gives you the chance to ride a horse, and take care of it until you get thru school/ can afford one.

    Dont give up a 40,000 dollar education, that money is an investment worth having. i wish i didnt give up my private school when we moved, i wouldve been better off then i am now(i'm not horrible off, but i wasted a few years of my life b/c i didnt want to pay attention/go to school/know what i wanted to do once i got outta school for sure... once you get off track in education, it does take alot to go back. ask any 30-40 year old adult working at walmart for pennies. i'm sure every one of them would tell you they wished they did it differently.

    i'm sry to lecture you, but i really do see the best in people, and i dont want people to make the mistakes that i've made, please learn from me/my mistakes. . .you'll have years and years to ride once you get out of school.
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    If you do not have time for a job how will you have time to take care of a horse...I am not trying to be mean as I am trying to convince my parents to let me get a horse too, however, I can put in a little more money and have been riding for about 6 years. I hope you can get a horse in the future!

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