How to make money from home without talking to people?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by joseph v, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. joseph v Guest

    joseph v
    this is an update to my earlier question of making money from home easily. i got good answers but i want a business opportunity that i dont have to answer the phone or talk to people or even possibly do anything at all but pay some fees and make money.i know it sounds like a dream,but if anyone has any ideas let me know.thanks again every1 !!
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  3. Well the only way I can think of where you might make money at home without talking to people might be to enter a lottery online, but there is no guarantee.
    Money is a medium of exchange which means that you are supposed to deal with others and exchange goods or services with each other. How you do this without talking is difficult to comprehend.

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