How To Make Money In Runescape?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by gunslinger, May 3, 2008.

  1. gunslinger Guest

    I used to play a while ago, like a over a year ago and am going to play for like a month or two with some friends till a new game comes out for the xbox 360. anyways, since i've been gone, alot of stuff has changed, so my question is what's the best ways to make money? like i forget what i used to do, i think i sold bow strings... or made law runes...
    im level 79 overall.

    55 runecrafting
    60 mining
    53 woodcutting
    51 fletching
    52 smithing
    59 fishing
    60 cooking

    those are probably the skills i'm most confortable in using to get money.
  2. golfdude1231 Guest

    There are many ways to make decent money in RuneScape. Crafting runes and bow strings are a few, but you could kill monsters, take part in player vs. player killing, the duel arena, merchanting (though this is hard with the advent of the Grand Exchange), smithing, mining, among other things.
    Hope this helps!
  3. uvsage Guest

    kill guards in al ikarid
  4. Veteran G Guest

    Veteran G
    i used to play this game..umm..if ur a member, just get ur wc up high, dont worry, takes 2 weeks, gets u rich as hell.
  5. Isaac S Guest

    Isaac S
    There are plenty of ways to make Money In runescape!

    First to make ALOT of money, you might want to train up to level 55+

    Once Doing that, you can raise up skills to sell items that are worth alot, The best place to sell things are at banks.
    Random Events can be helpful sometimes if it involved getting money. And lastly you can become a member, raise your WC up and Chop down Magic Trees, you can sell them for a real good price. Hope This Helps!

  6. Kaleb Guest

    I don't play any more but i remember that my cousin use to to get lots of money off of fletching bows. Also you can do quests, kill other players, and kill cows and sell there hides. Making law runes is a good way too. But to fletch you must be a member. Hope I helped you!
  7. Are u mems? If u are wc mage trees.

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