How to make money in the spring ( im 13/?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Chris T, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Chris T Guest

    Chris T
    money- no websites please
  2. Spam Guest

    Offer to do yard work, or babysit
  3. bugear001 Guest

    When I was 13, I started to caddy at my local country club. I don't know if they still do that.
  4. frckls Guest

    The best bet is probably to hit up your family. Try talking to your parent's grandparents, aunts/uncles, and neighbors (only if you know the very well) and offer to do regular yard work or outdoor chores for a weekly pay. EX:mow the lawn, plant flowers, clean out the garage, wash the windows on house from outside, wash car, etc. I wouldn't ask for to much money but offer to give everyone at least an hour on the weekend to do whatever they need done.
    Then grab your ipod and spend a few hours outside listening to tunes while you earn some cash.
    I don't think you can legally work until your 14 and even then you will need working papers. If you know anyone with dogs you could offer to walk them after you get home from school or on the weekends for a small fee also.
  5. Joanne A. W Guest

    Joanne A. W
    Yard work. Do not charge by the hour, have a set price for each size of yard.

    Baby sit. Buy a book that teaches you how to baby sit it correctly.

    Go to this link:

    You'll have to ck the laws in your area - may require a permit..some ideas:

    Baby sitting
    Paper route
    Dog walking
    Grocery store
    Lemonade stand
    Paint House number on street curb
    House sitting
    City, County, State and other government-run Youth Programs
    Vacation and Tourism spots
    Parks and recreational areas
    Swimming pools, golf courses and campground facilities
    Day and summer camps
    Amusement/Theme/Entertainment parks
    Museums, Zoos and Aquariums
    Airport concession firms
    Childcare and Eldercare providers
    Health care facilities
    Business services (including)
    Moving and packing companies
    Pool and spa companies
    Lawn care and other maintenance companies
    Construction companies
    Movie theaters
    Fast food and restaurant establishments
    Ice cream parlors, juice bars
    Clothing and accessory stores
    Newspaper / Magazine Distribution

    Wish you the best !!
  6. Jacob V Guest

    Jacob V
    try to go to american cross and do a babysitting class and get a certificate and than start babysitting around the neighborhood. or mow other peoples grass. to get started put up flyers! you can also ask your parents for any unwanted jobs around the house that needs to be done.
    -hope this helps

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