How to make money in the Suburbs when im 13?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Mod, May 9, 2008.

  1. Mod Guest

    I want to make money with my cousin, to get a new computer!
    We dont want to do any babysitting, dog walking, lemonade selling, or the stuff like that...
    IF we could make money online, that would be cool to, but not on any survey completing site, none of the offer stuff either, like on cashcrate... Were shooting to get about $2000 together!
  2. Patrick Guest

    i dont think u should earn money online. its dangerous. i think u should do the little things like chores. rake shovel and mow. go door to door and do that and a lot of money will come. also dont spend ur money on things u dont need. see if u can go to work with ur mom or dad for a day or something wen u dont have school and do stuff there.
  3. itsme Guest

    You could try ebay. You probley have to have someone over 18 actually start the account but you can sell stuff on it. I have sold tons of stuff on there. You can make stuff...or go to thrift stores and buy stuff cheap that you can sell for more on ebay. Things like video systems/games, movies/ clothes and other stuff. Or if one of you can draw or do photography art stuff you can sell that on there. If you can draw search ACEO on ebay and look at those there tiny trading card things with art on them. My mom sells antiques on ebay that she gets at thrift stores and yard sales..but you probley don't know much about antiques. Of course you could study up on it a little. Go to thrift stores and look for old stuff. I can't really think of anything else except applying at fast food places and stuff.
    Good Luck
    Oh and recycling cans...not fun but it's money.
    Really though go to and check it's a good way to make money if you know what to sell on there.
  4. unfortunately there are not many money making options for a 13 yr old, i know how frustrating it can be at that age to get money, what i used to do was mow peoples lawns and do yard work for extra money. you can advertise and/or go door-to-door. the only way i can think of making money online would be to buy and sell on ebay but you have to be 18 or have someone that is 18 to do it for you. now, if you REALLY want to make money you may have to resort to doing things you would rather not do, like walking a dog or babysitting $2000 is a high goal, good luck with that
  5. Hmm... Yeah, I'm around your age too, and when it comes to making money, it's not easy! Lol! I've wanted to earn a lot of money too! Babysitting can do wonders, you know. If you ever change your mind and choose to babysit, you should ask for 2 or 3 dollars an hour. But when you want to make money, you have to keep in mind that it takes time. (Ever heard of time is money? Well, money is time too!! lol...)
    Something that might help is a paper route. Both of you could take a job as having a paper route, which pay varies around 90-120 dollars a month!! (not including tips...)
    I hope this helps!
    Good luck!


    P.S.- Yeah, those crappy sites don't help at all! Those commericials on TV are scams!
  6. manual labor! make flyers and hand em out. anything from raking leaves to cleaning gutters....anything ur parents dontv want to do...and can afford to pay u a rate ull work for. the burbs are such a shelter from "real life"

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