How to make money off of extra stuff i have????

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Summer, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Summer Guest

    I have a bunch of stuff BABW clothes, old books, AGDclothes.... a lot. How should I make money off it?? Like i dont wanna do a garage stuff cause its to cold and its mostly lil kid stuff... so wut can i do?? Thanks!
    BABW= Build a Bear Workshop
    AGD= American Girl Doll
  2. amer Guest

    eBay, a second hand store that gives you money for the stuff you don't want we have a few here that give you money for your extra stuff, amazon, garage sales tend to have a lot of kid stuff wait a month or two to have one though
  3. Lindsey Guest

    I've had a lot of sucess with,, and ebay for the more difficult things I can't sell on those two.
  4. Wason lau Guest

    Wason lau
    sell them off ebay thats what i do and i made $2154
  5. Tiffany V Guest

    Tiffany V
    Ebay and craigslist, also a consignment store. They take a part of the sale and you get the rest.
  6. Johnny A Guest

    Johnny A
    sell it on ebay

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