how to make money on runescape?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by guthans, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. guthans Guest

    help me i'm stuck i only want the best way!!!
    i've tried others but they have failed me how do i merchant in grand exchange???
  2. dirk pitt 15 Guest

    dirk pitt 15
    if your mining lvl is high enough, you can mine coal and sell it
  3. well i normally make law runes 10k at a time or just hunt red chinchompas. killing green dragons is also good profit 2300gp for bones and 1500gp for hides not to shabby
  4. Bobby Guest

    mining rune ores, chopping magic trees, nats running are all the best ways
  5. Gwen203 Guest

    fishing prices have been going up slowly and are great money, Logs are great money too.

    hope this helps!
  6. Ali C Guest

    Ali C
    you can make easy money mining rune essance and selling it for however much you want ranging from:

    street price 20-50gp each
    shop price c. 10-20gp each

    its best to mine 1000 rune ess. coz then you make alot of money depending on the person + price.

    it may take a while but it works!
  7. Rehan K Guest

    Rehan K
    Fight hill giants in varrock. You can sell the big bones for 400gp. A full inventory and you could get 10k already! Try it!
  8. Chris C Guest

    Chris C
    Buy Santas for the medium and sell them for lower you will have less money and be a humble old man.

    Don't forget monk robes.

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