How to make money quick!?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by cukkoo, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. cukkoo Guest

    how can I make some money quick?....I am willing to just about anything that will keep my dignity, Im a single mum and VERY short of cash I need to raise 1000 in 10 days?.....any ideas please???
    ?1000 pounds not dollars sorry, I should have said, I dont have anything to sell , we need all we have!
    cant get loan as I have no family and friends dont have that much spare cash
  2. Zoey A Guest

    Zoey A
    Selling unwanted stuff?
    like a bootsale?
    cutting down on food or buying cheaper stuff?
    do you have a job?
    sell stuff on ebay?
    please do not consider selling yourself, because that is just silly, never stoop that low to get money.
    good luck x
  3. FUMZY Guest

    why don't you sign up for deal or no deal and there's who wants to be a million are, bingo and the lottery.
  4. maria m Guest

    maria m
    photocopy them.............
  5. ??Ryan?? Guest

    nope no ideas soz .....wait oh yeah sell some of Ur stuff
  6. 1000 dollars is quick to from a friend? make sure you can pay it back..

    or do some extra work? sit?..walk dogs?..a few odd jobs
  7. homersensual Guest

    really, anything? :) contact me via my 360 page..!im sure i can help you.!
  8. Simmo Guest

    Dealing, if you look innocent you can get away with it no worries!
  9. freshman Guest

    By cheating one can make money quick, but that is unfair, no good. By honest labor, employment one can earn steadily, that is good and dignity.
  10. gem_mad_unn Guest

    I'm sorry but I don;t think you're gonna get that money in that much time. Be more realistic and move on, think about realistic ways of getting smaller amounts together and the rest will come? What do you need the money for? X
  11. The first answer that comes to mind is not spending money but your situation of being a single mom will complicate that.

    A job is the most sensible way. $ 1000 in 10 days doesn't really happen unless you have exceptional skills and I think you wouldn't be in need of that much money in such a short time if you did have those skills.

    You have to find something to do where you get paid on the spot. You could give non erotic massages, cut hair, give manicures or pedicures, do a bake sale, babysit a number of kids all at a time, wash cars or pets, cook food for people, hold a garage sale. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and maybe you can ask your friends to pitch in and help?

    I think it's admirable that you don't want to pick the easy way out and lose your dignity. I wish you luck and wisdom and keep the faith that it will all work out for you.
  12. yelena234 Guest

    I Am In Same Position, But Don't See Any Solution To Make Quick Money.
    If You Have Good Health, You Can Clean Somewhere For Money (paid Per Hour). Cleaner Are Always In Demand. Of Course Not For Long Time. At The Same Time You Look For Another Job.

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