How to make money Quik?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by imsoloco, May 15, 2008.

  1. imsoloco Guest

    OK heres the deal IM really fed up on asking my parents for money. i just wanna make money for my own for 11 and bored of having no money. i hate dogs but if you tell me they pay alot if you walk their dogs i might just do it.Are there and Quizz or Poem comps, or just competitions for kids and adults to play to win money.NOT BINGO just cheesy as hell!
  2. That's me Guest

    That's me
    how about mowing the grass for people, or pulling weeds? Walking dogs is also good as you say, but if you don't like them, then maybe not. How about washing cars, or other odd jobs for neighbours. Make sure they are people you and your parents know well, you want to stay safe as well as make a few bob.
  3. lazytramp789 Guest

    get a paper round
  4. Michael A Guest

    Michael A
    Your parents understand that you are just 11. They will never be bored to assist you financially.

    If you insist on doing something with your brain and hands, try any road side computer shop for a part time job. Otherwise, approach any supermarket to stand by the door entrance and watch shoplifters.
  5. Gear M Guest

    Gear M
    i agree with That's me
  6. Gear M Guest

    Gear M
    i agree with That's me

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