How to make MONEY really fast online?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Catherine Saks, May 13, 2008.

  1. Any ideas on how to make fast money online? Like websites or programs that can be used, I am in need of extra income and have been looking for a while. I am in college and have a child and could use the extra income. There can be little to no start up cost involved as well.
  2. Sudharsan Guest


    if you are happy with your limited number of gpt sites, limited referrals and meagre earnings, then do not read this. however if you want to earn some serious cash,25$ per hour or more like 1.5 million other people ,then you have come to the right place.if you want to get started right away on the money making process then click on it:

    if you want to know more then here are the salient features:

    1. paid to take survey and refer friends.

    2. survey worth 6$ as signup fact,within the first day you will get surveys worth 27$.

    3. paid 1.25$ to refer friends.referring around 20 friends per hour is a-b-c easy.
    that is 1.25$ x 20 = 25$ per hour.

    4. if you work 3 hours a day your income is 25$ x 3 = 75$ per day.

    5. if you work 3 days a week, your income is 75$ x 3 =225$ per week.
    that is 1100$ per month.

    6. add to this the payment you receive you receive for completing surveys that are posted on a regular basis.

    it is quite likely that this is better than your full time income. certainly that is not the limit.i know of people who who send messages to 300 persons per day and 90% of them join.

    payout is 75$(easy to fact,it is one day's work).payment mede within 5 days of payout request.

    from the fact that there are over 1.5 million members in this site you can well understand that this is no scam.
    to join this highly recommended t click on it:
  3. Xeo Guest

    I'm going to save you the time and headache right now. There is no such thing. The only ones that do exist operate on a pyramid scheme foundation which require a constant stream of referrals to produce little to no income in general.

    By the time this response is posted, I'd wager there will already be two or three people above me saying "You can make 2k a month like me! Click on this link"...which conveniently has their referral ID built into it.

    For your own sake, don't bother.

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