how to make money??x?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Chloe W, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Chloe W Guest

    Chloe W
    im 13 and im really want to buy an ipod and a new mobile phone but dont havce any money does anyone have any ideas on how to get money. also do you know if i am old enough to get a saterday job because some of my 13 year old friends have got them and if i could, will you give me some suggestions on what places i could get them in
    ps im nealy 14 in august soo
  2. pseudonym Guest

    Paper round, cutting peoples' grass, washing cars, babysitting.
  3. ranfot Guest

    Most of the answers here are really scary and asking to invest, click or whatever.

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  4. Bakaneko Guest

    I would suggest saving part of your allowance in a piggy bank each week , go visit grangran & the family that lives close more often than usual , and bring her some stuff your mother bakes while you're at it. Talk to them about school , they love it.

    Don't talk too them too much about ipods or they'll see right through you..

    Ask em if you can do any chores for them , they'll give you something afterwards for sure.. oh , and the more you say you don't really want any money for what you did , the more you will get next time.

    Good luck.
  5. scarpatchi Guest

    super market
  6. Laura E Guest

    Laura E
    Thirteen and Fourteen is a great age to start thinking about the business world and understanding what it's like, because you have a lot of time to experiment and fail. You can try setting up a mutual fund which is a bundle of different stocks. You invest a couple of dollars in an amount of your choice. It's also a great time to set a fund up because the economy's down which means you'll buy more at a cheaper price. You must note though you will lose money before you make money and this way takes a lot of patience.
  7. Curly Guest

    You are underage to have regular employment unless your parent(s) own a business which you assist with as their child. What about baby sitting? Can you manage little screaming but lovable kids? You have to be responsible but you could earn enough at weekends to buy an ipod in about 3 months as long as you save it. If you take it up do NOT bring boyfriends round. You will be grounded and lose it all. :) good luck
  8. Last year my friends and I worked all summer to earn money. Here are some of the things that we did:

    -We built and ran a "snack shack". We sold things like candy, chips, pop, etc. We made about $15 on the days it was open. (Unless you get A TON of business, I don't recommend it.)

    -Babysitting. That always works. The most I've ever made is $5 an hour for one kid. Pretty good. But, there are two things I suggest. One: Don't have a problem with how much people pay you. There will be some people that pay lots of mula and others that pay less. Two: Although you have to be an authority figure, be a friend to the kids. Who likes to spend an evening with a bossy, boring adult?!? If you those two things, you'll have a good rep. (This one I totally recommend)

    - Cleaning houses. Almost always there is someone who needs a kitchen swept or a bathroom cleaned. Unlike babysitting, YOU DEFINITELY HAVE TO SET A PRICE. There are people that take advantage of your cleaning. (I only recommend it if you like cleaning or have the patience)

    - Yard work. If you have a lawn mower, summer clothes and a water bottle, this is the best way to rake in the bacon. $10 for a normal sized yard should be a good price. Thats what we charged and we made a good amount. (Just like cleaning, I recommend it if you are willing to work hard)

    There were other things we did like sell brownies, cookies, etc, but they didn't make that much money. When we stopped, all in all we had made about $800. Pretty good. Some jobs you can get while you're a minor are paper routes, pool jobs, and more. For jobs for minors, you just have to look around and talk to your parents. There are lots of ways to earn money. Believe me, you can do it!

    Never go to a stranger's house to do any work and never go from door to door!!!! It's not safe at all and plus you'll get better service from people that you know and that want to help you.
  9. kristen Guest

    . if you have a family friend who's kid you can babysit. If you volunteer at a hospital some people give you tips, but your not supposed to take them and plus thats not a steady income....maybe they will allow you to bag at a supermarket?
  10. mark405995 Guest

    Gardening, Cleaning cars, dog walking and odd jobs for neighbours but check with your parents first to be on the safe side, you never know they might even offer to pay you to do certain jobs for them! Ps I think you have to be at least 15 for a babysitting job.
  11. <3 to shop Guest

    <3 to shop
    babysitt - sometimes you get paid really good

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