How to make money?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Sullazzy, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Sullazzy Guest

    ok well i'm 13 and i wanna make some money like a tried a lemonade stall ages ago and that worked alright i do some jobs around the house right now i'm kinda collecting hard rubis hand puttin it on ebay i found a surfboard today and the bid is already 50 bucks so thats working alright but thres noto always somethin good lieing around so HERE'S MY QUESTION: ARE THERE ANY GOOD WAYS (BESIDES THE ONES I'VE LISTED) TO MAKE MONEY
    lol, i live in Australia
    Never seen snow in my life
    thans for the suggestions
  2. hortonds Guest

    well, yes there are, but you need to find your own niche.

    two rules:

    Rule 1: No-one ever got rich working for someone else.

    Rule 2: Treat everything like an Asset or a Liability. Assets make money, liabilities take money. Increase your assets and decrease your liabilities.
  3. Peggy H. Guest

    Peggy H.
    the above answers are great. I owuld add that whatever you do, always do the best job possible and try to make the client happy. If you're doing yard work, for example, go the extra mile and don't cut corners.

    Doing a great job will not only get you repeat business but also referrals.

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