How to transfer domain name and content to new owner?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by razz3900, May 9, 2008.

  1. razz3900 Guest

    I maybe selling my website. How would I go about transferring my domain name and all its content over to new owner? I've never done this before.

    What if the new owner would like to transfer the domain name and all its content over to a different hosting company? What needs to be done on my part to transfer the domain name and all its content over to a new hosting company for new owner?
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  3. Dr. HOUSE Guest

    Dr. HOUSE
    Go to the site you bought your domain name from and open your account!
  4. Tim Guest

    This needs to be handled through your webhost provider. (Assuming you want to stick with them... and as you probably have some sort of yearly contract you probably do.) Contact them, let them know what's happening and that you want the new owners to have ALL the content. The new owners will also need to contact the webhost with their information. You DO NOT want to just give your passwords to the new owner.
  5. tristangemus Guest

    either get their account info for domain registar and do an account transfer, or do a transfer of registar. then download and send them your website files.
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