HTML/SEO Gurus look here please, SEO question?

Discussion in 'Google' started by Jeff, May 27, 2008.

  1. Jeff Guest

    Ok, first of all this is NOT an attempt to spam my webpage....I've got legit ways of getting the word out besides this.

    My question is, I don't get ANY people finding my page now via google search results, while they did all the time 3-4 months ago.

    The url is

    I'm new to html, can somebody check a few of the source codes and tell me if I might have TOO much html, or give any ideas as to why i dont see search results, etc, in google webmaster tools anymore? it's hard to explain really....

    If you need more details, let me know please.

  2. I'll try to be brief and just go over a few things. Page layout is fine. No java script there to cause any problems. Page has very basic html, so SE can crawl it easily. Your site has PR of 3, which is a good start and means you have some relevant sites linking to you.

    I will assume you are optimizing for , "record online media." If this is true, then change your title tag to that (drop the hyphens). I searched on that phrase without the hyphens as anyone normally would, and did not find your site on the first 4 pages of Google. I searched with the hyphens in and you came up number 4 on the first page. Nobody is going to search that phrase with the hyphens unless they already know your site.

    Your logo looks nice, but the search engine spider cannot see images. You should always use the <h1> tag for your title. You may be able to keep the logo and put the title above it for example. Also you should have alt img tags on every image describing what the image is (SE cannot see images, remember?)

    Work on your inbound links. Get links from relevant sites which have high PR. You have done a great job with the layout and in keeping your off-site link outs to a minimum.
  3. Your site traffic/rank details:
    Google PR - 3, this is good
    Alexa rank - 10,348,302, this means you have hardly 10 or 15 visitors per day!
    Link popularity (from submitexpress) - 118, pathetic - you need to build more links by advertising or backlinking from other sites.

    Site analysis
    Keywords - 10, Right size but not carefully selected. Do a search on Google for 'record youtube' and see the first five sites coming up there. Check their HTML and steal those keyworkds. Ideally they should be something like 'youtube,you tube,record,catputre...etc'

    Description - meta description could be better and long - this get displayed in search pages

    robots - need to put 'follow,all' in HTML

    sitemap.xml - you have an updated sitemap, which is good

    robot.txt - there's no robot.txt in the root folder? this is very important

    Your Google Analytics version is outdated (urchin based). Use the new ga and put it just before </body> tag

    Overall your site need some improvement (The banner especially, looks like it's done by an amateur)

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  4. robikuss Guest

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    However, working on a good placememnt in search engines should be the goal.

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