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  1. on piczo i want to put a html code in a box for people to copy and paste but when i copy the code into the text box it just activates how do i stop this from happening so people can just see the code so it appears as text
  2. WorrieD Guest

    i agree with embed on text area. but however, there is no need for using javascript, unless you would want to limit the characters.
    no hard feelings eMbEd, but you cannot use that code on myspace because myspace will not support java.

    one of the codes i like to use when showing html
    is this.

    <table border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="9" cellspacing="0">YOUR TITLE GOES HERE GOES HERE
    <td><textarea name="Html" rows="5" cols="10" class="field" style="none"> YOUR CODE GOES HERE!

    best wishes.

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