I am having server issues for Call of Duty 4 for PC. i only see like 500

Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by ddlatone, May 4, 2008.

  1. ddlatone Guest

    servers. my friend sees like 18,000.? what is going on? we dont see any of the same servers either. it is like i am on some kind of different internet. can anyone help?
    i tried all that. it still does not work. i dont know what is wrong
  2. aalkouri Guest

    Two main reasons for this, check your CoD4 Filter settings by clicking on the "Filter" button when the servers pop up. If you have any criteria filtering out some of the servers, that may be why. Also, make sure you are searching for the correct game mode, at the top, it will tell you what game modes to search for, just keep clicking it until it changed to All Game Types or something to that nature.

    The other more complicated network reason is that your router is blocking access to that program, usually the firewall is the culprit, try disabling windows firewall as well as your router firewall and see if that helps.

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