i have $200 how or what can i legally do to make more money? what or can i

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  1. invest it in anything??? how much would i make in a CD if i do it for 1 yr?

    if you dont know what a CD is dont make a stupid comment
  2. If you wanna make more money, try having a yard sale, taking stuff you don't use anymore to the pawn shop, have a car wash.. This is the fastest legal way to make money that I know of. Hope it helps.
  3. Jack P Guest

    Jack P
    Put it in stocks, right now they are beaten up and you can get easy big gains from EGLF.OB, FMT, DISK, SIRI and AMD. If you want less risk, much less reward PFE, BAC, WB and GOOG.
  4. Sizen Guest

    I found that ING Direct has the best rates for their savings account called Electric Orange. I opened one online by transferring $ from my B of A checking acct (which was earning 0%) into ING. You dont need a minimum amount of $ to open a savings acct-which is great, b/c most financial institutions/banks usually require b/n $1,000-$2,500 to get a decent % rate. Plus there are no fees, etc. Most good savings (including ING) will earn you 3-4%/mo. Keep in mind that even if you lucked out and found one that paid 5% we're only talking $10 for the year-max!!! When you find something good-let me know-and I'll join ya'! I could use some more $$;o)

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