i have an invention that will make alot of money but i do not know how

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  1. to get started? the invention is going to be for pets
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    Yes a patent is important...But, only if the product is really worth it. Firstly, check to see if you already have any competition out there. Patents are expensive, time consuming and will require you to proove it's worth with drawings and a working model.

    If you have a proto type and are satisfied with it's function....package it up and send it in the mail to yourself...When you get it back, don't open it. That will be proof enough that you are the inventor and is widely accepted in any court of law, should you be challanged.

    Secondly, take your product out for a "test drive" so to speak. Visit the big box pet suppliers and smaller ones as well and get some feedback from them. There opinion is way more valuable than most of your friends and relatives, no offence, but, they would support you with just about anything they "thought" was cool!

    This will help you streamline and perfect your product...when and if you get that far, you will just be beginning to work at getting it to market....with, planning, temp plates, production and not to mention finally getting it patented. Then there's the distribution etc....Loads and loads of work involved to do it right.

    If after reading all this you are convinced that you have a worthy and marketable product, go for it...set a budget for your developement and R&D and stay focused....

    Good luck to you...I hope you make a million and our pets will be better off once we have purchased one or two... :)...Yuke
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    well can get a sample I'll pay ofcourse
    contact me

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