I have completely learned Redhat Linux and PHP,what type of job is applicable to me?

Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by imported_alan, May 9, 2008.

  1. please tell your views.
  2. like the first guy said but idk wat u mean lol sry
  3. Socks Guest

    From my own experience I can tell you that unless you have valid work experience or certifications to back that learning up, you are not likely to get any job. If you lack experience, fork out the money for some certifications. Also expect that with only certifications to back your knowledge up on a resume, you're likely to get a lower level job, expect something entry level. Don't expect to be the lead system administrator for a large software company right away.

    With linux, if you know BASH and you know security then you can look for jobs doing system or server administration. If Apache is included in what you know then you can possibly get a job as a web developer.

    What you might do is take the key words for the things you know and do a search for them on Yahoo HotJobs or CareerBuilder.com or other such site, that should give you a good idea of what jobs require those skills and what other skills you might need for those jobs.
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    web design
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