I have just gotten an ibook.and i need to get the latest Operating system?

Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by freedomfairyq, May 4, 2008.

  1. I need 10.4 or five. i have 10.2 and it wont let me download any new Operating system upgrades for the internet etc...
  2. Assuming this is not a new ibook?
  3. Mike M Guest

    Mike M
    Aside from minor updates (like bug fixes, security patches and so on) that are downloaded via Software Update, upgrades to newer versions of Mac OS X aren't free. If I recall, OS X 10.5 is $129 new, but considering you have an iBook, which is a little on the older side now, you might want to look at getting 10.4 instead, as it'll be easier on the computer, still has very decent support (there are still people who haven't upgraded to 10.5 yet), and you'd likely find it for a fair bit cheaper on places like Amazon or eBay now that it's not officially for sale anymore.

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